Nail Clipping


Get your beloved dogs safe nail clipping at SUPERB DOG GROOMING.

Do you hear that clicking sound when your dog walks on a hard surface? That means he’s overdue for a nail clipping. Just like for us humans, it is imperative to keep our nails trimmed and clean, even our dogs need clean and clipped nails. It is both a hygienic and safe step.



Why Nail Clipping Is Important ?

Why Nail Clipping Is Important for Your Furry Pets? Keeping your dogs' nails trimmed is a vital part of dog-grooming process. It is important particularly because if the nails get too long, they may cause health problems. They may get broken or torn. In the first place, these can hurt the animal itself and then the owner too or the people playing with the animal. It is recommended to have your dogs' nails clipped and trimmed on a regular basis anywhere from once a week to once a month.

We Trim Nails Without the Drama!

If you are a dog owner, you must probably be aware of the hard work one has to put when trimming your dog's nail or claws. This is because most dogs do not like having their claws trimmed. Some dogs start moving here and there, causing you to be nervous while trimming their nails. This can hurt both you and the animal. If you don't feel comfortable trimming your furry friend's nail, hire the help of an expert groomer. And, there's no best groomer than Jan. Visit SUPERB DOG GROOMING now! She cuts your beloved companion's nails safely, professionally and without any fuss.